The “Animal” Mark Fox Drops Press Bombs on ERally

White Oak Motorsports
National Guard Car 54

Driver: Mark Fox
Co-Driver: Jake Blattner

For Immediate Release:

Rookies Fox and Blattner driving the 54 National Guard Car tie for third at Rally Colorado.
The eighth round of the Rally America Championship Series came down to a tie-breaker for Fox and co-driver Blattner in the 54 National Guard Rally Car. After 1:35:46.0 of racing, the team in an unbelievable result, tied the time of Nathan Conley and co-driver Todd Moberly. Rally America rules decided the finish giving the overall result to the team with the most individual stage wins. This left Conley and Moberly with third and Fox and Blattner with a fourth place national result. None the less, this is the first podium finish for the two who were happy to share the spotlight after such an amazing race.

The team battled the inclement weather on day two with only minor mechanical difficulties and spirits were high. Conley had the lead by 35 seconds going in to the last two stages and with the slick Colorado roads a conservative approach was the plan. Fox left the final service saying “ I’m going to drive to maintain our position”. Somewhere on the road with the improving weather Fox and Blattner found their groove and took back the 35 seconds for the tie. “Hats off to Con-ley, he put up a heck of a race and we look forward to the rivalry that this tie is sure to start. They were a pleasure to compete against this weekend”.

With the Rally America Rookie of the Year honor within reach, the team now sets sights on the Lake Superior Performance Rally for the final race of the series.

Thanks to our sponsors:

The National Guard
Ace Hardware
Rockstar Energy Drink
White Oak Development

Contact: John Hindman

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Rally Colorado: Mashin’ and mixin’ things up

Ken block is driving Dave Mirra’s sp car.
The monster machine has officially seen its last rally. Dave who has
some BMX scheduling conflicts is unable to attend the last two events.
Can Ken compete on the same level as the top sp drivers? Or even more
interesting if he’s shooting for a 12 finish with TP then can he fend
off the hard charging ACP?

But even Andrew is switching things up,
he’s got a worm sitting shotgun.

Jeremy Whimpey will be calling the
turns, and If he’s there then where’s Robbie Durant and where the
f*** is Matt Johnson.

And on that same note where is Tanner? Well I
don’t know either but his Co pilot, Miss Beavis, has been stolen and thrown in Block’s car.

But all is well, it’s Lucy Block, Ken’s wife, competing in her second event of the year.

The currant SP points leader Piotr Wiktorczyk is sitting this event out perhaps to have an insane battle between he and Moro and Keeney at LSPR for the first Super Production Championship.

Pat Moro currently sitts 17 points out of 1st in 3rd just behind Jimmy Keeney. Pats also switched things up in the co-driver position with Ole Holter.


And making his debuts in the driver’s seat is one of Moro’s previous co
pilots Scott crouch.

It seems that co is the spot to try something different.

Also Interesting:

The Gravel Crew returns to Rally America Competition with the likes of Keith Jackson. Keith is a So Cal native and repping extremely hard this weekend for the entire family. GCRT or die! (No Deegan is not here, but it’s the only pic I have of Keith)

Ben “The Pirate” Slocum returns to the 600 team maybe to help the young DVW step it up against his Ford brother Barak Tuglu. Im curious as to the new livery Dillon’s car will have…..plaid maybe?

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Preppin up for Rally Colorado: RA PressBox


“Ski Town USA” is the next stop on the calendar for the top teams in the Rally America Championship when they hit Steamboat Springs on September 19-20 for Rally Colorado – Round 8 of the 9-event Rally America National Championship.

Last year’s Rally Colorado overall win went to Subaru Rally Team USA’s driver, Travis Pastrana, who will be looking for a repeat and says he’s planning to “go all out for the final two events of the season,” despite already securing his fourth Rally America Championship. Pastrana has had mixed results at this event over the years, with his most spectacular rally career crash occurring here during the 2005 event when he rolled seven and three-quarter times and walked away unhurt.

He can expect a challenge for the overall win from his teammate Ken Block, who’s had a tough season in 2009. Pastrana already has the top spot in the Series’ rankings – with just two events left, nobody can catch him – however, Block will be looking to secure the runner-up overall position and needs a strong finish at Rally Colorado to help insure his chances of success.

Currently in the second spot in the overall standings is Polish newcomer Andi Mancin, who is running his first full Rally America Championship season this year in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Mancin is still looking for his first overall U.S. win and will mix it up at the front of the pack at this event.

Also returning to the series after a two-round break is NOS Energy Drink’s Andrew Comrie-Picard with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Just two points behind Ken Block in the overall standings, there is no doubt he will seriously challenge Block for the runner’s up position in the Championship point standings.

Super Production class leader Piotr Wiktorczyk and local challenger Jimmy Keeney will put up a fight, though, in what is expected to be an exciting class battle right up until the final round of the season. Subaru Rally Team USA’s Super Production Class entry, Dave Mirra, will not be present at the last two rounds of the Championship due to conflicts with his busy BMX schedule.

In the 2-Wheel Drive Class, expect another reliable performance by newcomer Dillon Van Way from Carencro, LA. The youngster has posted consistent results this season to take the class lead over Monument, Colorado’s John Conley.

The Rally Colorado event poses unique challenges to rally teams. The high altitude and subsequent lack of oxygen at this event saps the rally cars’ power. Despite this drain, the event has a reputation of being a one of the fastest in the Series featuring many high-speed sections on flowing roads. Expect variable weather and some dust if it is dry. The high altitude, coupled with fast straights places the high horsepower Open class cars at a distinct advantage.

The rally is headquartered in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, known as “Ski Town”, USA. The small mountain community that’s home to numerous world-class ski and snowboarding events is also home to the largest ski jumping complex in America — used for training by the US Olympic Ski Jumping Team.

Rally car racing is considered the extreme sport of automobile racing and is often described simply as “real cars, real roads, real fast.” This all-season motorsport sees drivers and their co-drivers take modified road cars to the limit as they achieve blistering speeds over courses that cover more than 100 miles of gravel, dirt or snow-covered roads.

The 2009 Rally America National Championship series consists of nine exciting events that take place in a range of challenging weather and road conditions in a season that extends from February to October. Throughout the year, teams take on everything from the forest logging roads in Minnesota, to the Pacific Northwest forest and coast paths.

Top teams in the series are also invited to compete in the Summer X Games, the leading action sports event broadcast live on ABC and ESPN.

About Rally America:

Based in Golden Valley, Minn., Rally America sanctions the premier rally racing series in the United States, the Rally America National Championship Series. For 2009, Rally America conducts nine National Championship events at venues across the country.

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Sno*Drift preparation means a small shoping spree @ Helly Hansen

My inexperience of country wide weather conditions got the best of me at Sno*Drift in Michigan this year. So my good friend and Co-Driver ,Jason Grahn, points me in the direction of a Winter Protection company Helly Hansen who is showing love to the Rally Community by offering a sweet discount. The code is “rally20”. Tell um Jason Sent you!

All im saying here is


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Cat Woods ninjas a shot of Blocks Escort DC’d up.

CoDriver, Reporter, and all around awesome chic, Catherine Woods, has some pics of Rallye Defi this Weekend on her facebook. The Escort is featuring the 2009 Teamworks graphics and obviously no sign of Subaru. Of coarse the is the same 1978 escort Block and Atkinson were playing with at Team O’Neils.


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Ojibwe Close Out: Wild Mustangs, Optimus Prime, and more fisheye greatness


Final day in Minnesota close out.

Of coarse im woken up super early to Ananda, Rally America’s Marketing Mastermind, letting me know we have to get to the Mustang Unleashed Stages where our Rally America hombre Mike Hurst would battle it out in 4 Stages against Current Unleashed Competitor Mark Utech. History states that there was an old mustang woopin’ on 2 wheelers for some time and the car belonged to first to Mike(#82) and then to Mark(#83).


Ananda and I both had planes to catch so not a hole lot of time was spent at Stages, just enough to support. Mike.

What does the inside of a Rally Equipped 2010 Ford Mustang look like you ask? BAM!
Like this:


Also interesting about this challenge is the Co Driver, Rob Bohn, has worked with both drivers so the is a pretty fair playing field.


Keep um calm Rob!

The crew of the #83 Mayhem Mustang getting down on some coloring during delays.

M.Hurst & the newly badged up Stang. #82 style. Go get um buddy!


Then we bounce back to Minneapolis. Well minus the 3 hour trek back while trying to dry my clothes off flapping in the wind the hole drive. It almost worked. Back in the city!






Later Ojibwe! Congrats Travis & Christian


Goodies from the Rally includes Mark Fox #54 Nat’l Guard Camo Hat, Exclusive WRS logo shirt, TerraFirma shirt showing off the rally necessities, and don’t forget the OFR crew shirt. Thanks everyone!!


Back at home Ross from Dead Pirate Prod. & Edrift drops by the casa for the ol’ office tour, only to be thrown out before bread was broken. Thanks for understanding. Nothing but love. Im digging your Drift threads but whatcha know bout 70 Duplessis?


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Chris Duplessis & Cat Woods take 2nd in Max Attack *FreshPress*

Duplessis/Woods win the 10,000 Lakes Rally, finish 2nd overall in the MaxAttack! Championship and 3rd overall at the Ojibwe Forest Rally MaxAttack! Event


Bethel, Maine (September 8th, 2009)

After finishing first overall at the New England Forest Rally in the MaxAttack! Championship, Chris Duplessis and co-driver Catherine Woods headed out to Bemidji, Minnesota to compete in the final round of the Championship. Going into the event they were tied with the first round winner Lauchlin O’Sullivan and Karen Wagner in their Dodge SRT-4.

On the first day of competition, their 1990 VW Golf, came to a complete stop about a mile into the second stage. A relay failure caused the team to pull over, set-up warning triangles and diagnose the problem. Chris managed to get the car started, however it stopped five more times on the stage and the team lost a total of five minutes. After the stage, Duplessis was able to fix the problem and the team went back out and set excellent times for the remaining day stages.

The night stages were an advantage for Chris who likes driving at night. On the Paul Bunyan stage with a length of 22 miles, Chris set the 5th best time on the stage, followed by another 5th best time on the final stage of the night SS7, Parkway an 8 miler. At the end of day one, the team was sitting in 5th place overall in the MaxAttack! event.

After the tough start on Friday, Duplessis was in full MaxAttack mode for the Saturday stages. He set some incredibly fast stage times including a 4th best stage time over the 13 miles of SS14, Little Rock. With his determined driving, Duplessis managed to claw his way back up to 3rd overall in the Ojibwe Forest Rally MaxAttack! event; win the Saturday regional 10,000 Lakes Rally; and finish 2nd overall in the MaxAttack! Championship. A big thanks goes out to their service crew of Forest Duplessis and Dan Thorton. The team would like to thank John Mason from LTD Racing, , The Ogontz Group and Techtonics Tuning.

Chris and Catherine would like to congratulate Lauchlin O’Sullivan and Karen Wagner on winning the 2009 MaxAttack! Championship.

Duplessis is the reigning two wheel drive National Champion and has won six Regional and National championships over the past three years.

For more information please check:

Become a fan of Chris Duplessis on Facebook:

Check out Chris’ website:

Press release photo: Andrew Snucins

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Ojibwe Video Recap from NoCoast/RallyAmerica

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the Word on Max Attack Championship



Lauchlin O’Sullivan and Karen Wagner Win the 2009 Jake Himes Cup with a
First Place MaxAttack! victory at the Ojibwe Forests Rally

• Another amazing drive sees two-wheel-drive Dodge SRT-4 taking fifth overall
• Third-year two-wheel-drive series setting new standard for next-day rally coverage on
• Knox/Headland (Mazda), Duplessis/Woods (VW), Zedril/Zedril (Mitsubishi), and Bushore/DeMotte (VW) round out the top 5 and take home part of the MaxAttack! purse.

All eyes were set upon the Ojibwe Forests Rally last weekend where the best two-wheel-drive drivers in the country converged in Bemidji, Minnesota for the final round of the 2009 MaxAttack! series. The winners of the east coast New England Forest Rally MaxAttack! round, Chris
Duplessis and Catherine Woods in their VW mk2 GTI, went head-to-head against the winners of the west coast Idaho Rally MaxAttack!, Lauchlin O’Sullivan and Karen Wagner in their Dodge Neon SRT4, in what concluded an epic 2009 MaxAttack! championship.

After the dust settled, the winner of the Ojibwe MaxAttack! and 2009 Jake Himes Cup were O’Sullivan and Wagner, who after a slow start led the 2wd field for most of the rally. After the rally,
here is what Karen Wagner had to say about their victory, “I had a dream come true year last year winning both the Rally America Group 5 and 2wd National Championships. The one Championship that I wanted but eluded me was MaxAttack! (I came in 3rd in ’07, and 2nd in ’08). I met Jake Himes and thought a lot of him, so finally winning the MaxAttack! Championship this year means so much to me. Also getting my very first National overall win in the process will make this something I will never forget!”

Duplessis and Woods had trouble early with an off one mile into Stage 2. Not ones to give up, the team fought back for a third place MaxAttack! finish and an overall win for the Day 2 10,000 Lakes Regional Rally. Wyatt Knox and Martin Headland, who took 2nd at the NEFR MaxAttack!, were a threat throughout the weekend in their Mazda MAZDASPEED3 and finished second in MaxAttack!. Rounding out the top 5 money paying positions were Jan and Jody Zedril, who finished 4th in their Mitsubishi Lancer, and Matt Bushore and Kim DeMotte, who finished 5th in their VW Jetta.

Other notable MaxAttackers were Mark Utecht and Rob Bohn, who arrived at Ojibwe with a 2010 Ford Mustang after winning the Ford Mustang Unleashed Competition. Mark was fast, winning the Paul Bunyan regional rally, but failed to place in the money after getting stuck on a berm on Day 2.

Winner of the Terra Firma MaxAttack! Air award for biggest jump at the Super Special on Friday was Dan Adamson/Matt Nichols in their Saturn SL.
Finally with a 3rd place finish in the MaxAttack! event at the Idaho Rally, Amy Bakchis wins the MaxAttack! Rookie Co-driver of the Year, presented by Alex Gelsomino. For Amy’s excellent work in the right seat, she gets: co-driver’s bag.
-Recce kit (pacenote book, pencil, stage times compatison book, eraser, pencil leads).
-Copilote professional co-driver’s watch.
-Nicky Grist Codriver’s DVD.

Thanks to Alex Gelsomino for again supporting MaxAttack! 2wd Rally Series!

The 2009 MaxAttack! Rally Series, presented by the Rallysports Group of America, consisted of three events across the country, and each event featured a $5,000 prize fund to be distributed among the top two-wheel-drive teams, as well as a season championship. The team that accumulated the highest point total from one of the qualifying events and the central shootout was awarded the prestigious Jake Himes Cup. Rally Idaho and the New England Forest Rally were the two qualifying events, with the final shootout being at Minnesota’s Ojibwe Forest Rally,
August 28-29.

For more information about the MaxAttack! Rally Series and the Rallysports Group of America, please visit

About Rallysports Group of America:

Rallysports Group of America, Inc. (RSGA) was formed as an organization in 2006 to advance the sport of performance stage rally in the United States. By providing education on performance driving, car preparation and safety, and by fostering the growth of meaningful competition, RSGA seeks to provide a sustainable and competitive arena for the advancement of North American performance rally that promotes increased value for rally competitors, organizers, and sponsors alike. For more information, please visit

Ben Bradley
Rallysports Group of America

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